Hotel R

Opposite hotel “R“, 300 metres from shore, the island of “Old Ulcinj“ is situated. This island, or better say the cliff, is believed to be filled with the ruins of the Old Ulcinj – “Dolcigno Vecchio“.

The hotel’s beach is all in rocks, enclosed by natural looking banks that protect beach from bigger waves. There are three accesses to the sea, made of stone and iron stairs. The open beach pool is 18 metres long, in curved shape, and 60 cm-145 cm deep. Families with kids will find special delight in swimming in such a pool. The beach, upraised banks, sea access and the pool are of shapes and materials corresponding to the atmosphere of the panorama in which the hotel is settled. Easy chairs, towels and sunshades are provided for the guests as well as pool use.

Spacious restaurant has a huge terrace with tiled roof supported by impressive beams, modern doors and windows which, in addition to the interior wooden furniture, is utterly harmonized and makes a very pleasant atmosphere for the guests. The restaurant has wonderful view on a beach pool and the island of Old Ulcinj.

Apart from the restaurant, the hotel “R“ also has a tavern with capacity of 30 seats, including the completely separated twelve ones. The tavern is made of stone with modern air conditioning and refreshment systems.The restaurant and the cuisine working hour is from 07:00 till 22:00h. The tavern working hour is till 24:00h.